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Kalmarunionen is a non-profit organization. We aim at building a community where people can participate if they have the knowledge and motivation to do so. Our members span from college students to people with a professional carreer and a job. But having a well-paid job should not be a requirement for being part of Kalmarunionen. We strive to pay for transport, food and related expenses for our members, so they can participate in our internal events and meetups regardless of their private economy. Likewise, we strive to cover the majority of the cost whenever we send a team to compete in an international competition.

Sponsors are a great asset for us, and we do everything in our power to give back to our sponsors. That includes a lot of public exposure as well as exposure towards our own members. If you would like to know more about the oppurtunities, contact us as sponsor@kalmarunionen.dk.

Current Sponsors