About Kalmarunionen

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Kalmarunionen is the result of a lot of CTF teams uniting - primarily Danish. We have done this as it is hard to keep the commitment when being part of a small team of only a few players - the team is very vulnerable in case a single or two members decides to leave. With Kalmarunionen we intend on being a bigger team with focus on bringing people together.

We participate in Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions in order to hone our skills within cybersecurity. By participating in these we constantly see new problems and it forces us to think outside the box to solve the challenges. In particular we have had a lot of success by cooporating on solving the challenges. If you want to be a lone hacker who does everything by himself, then you are welcome to do so. But if you want to be a part of our commmunity, share knowledge and help improve each other then you Kalmarunionen might be for the right place for you.

Our mission

We have to primary goals as stated in our articles of association:

  1. To drive the cybersecurity community and encourage more Danish players to join it. We want to create a place where people of all ages can meet and create new cybersecurity knowledge in a legal way. We want to build talents not only for our own benefits, but for the whole cybersecurity industry.

  2. To play Capture The Flags (CTF’s) on a very high international level. We want to be a part of the best and are aiming of a top position on the world leaderboards.

The name

The name origins from the personal union of Denmark, Norway and Sweden in the years 1397-1523. Here Queen Margaret I of Denmark united the countries in order to create a strong force and block German expansion northward.

We have taken this name as we think it aligns with how we were formed as well - from several smaller teams to a much large player in the international stage.